API 610

End Suction Centrifugal Pump


  • KZA series is the single-stage end suction pump that is designed according to the technical requirements of API 610 standard. The pump casing is radially split. KZA series pump is support by foot(API 610 OH1 type, Foot mounting, Pressure rating up to 25 bar, available in closed and open impeller). The shaft seal type is a single or double mechanical seal. The pump can have a cooling chamber on the casing cover to cool the pump sealing chamber then the pump can be used for transferring the liquid with very high temperature. The bearing can be cooled by air surrounding, air forced by the fan at the rear of the pump, or the cooling water circulating inside the bearing bracket.

Operation Range




Materials Available


: Up to 4,200 m3/hr

: Up to 360 meters

: Up to 450°C

: Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, SS 316L,

  Duplex SS, Super Duplex SS, etc.