DIN 24256 (ISO 2858)

End Section Centrifugal Pump
Thermal Oil and Hot Water Pump

KHOA Thermal oil and hot oil pump

KHOA comprises horizontal single-stage centrifugal pumps, specially designed for the pumping of thermal fluids at a high temperature, in an industrial installation, without needing any type of external refrigeration. The hydraulic characteristics of pumps are in accordance with the standard DIN 24256 (ISO 2858) for chemical pumps. This means that for each installation the most suitable pump can be used to give optimum performance.

Operation Range

Pump sizes

Max. flow

Max. Head for Thermal fluid

Max. Head for Hot water

Temperature for Thermal fluid

Temperature for Hot water


Casing and Discharge cover



Wear ring

Bearing bracket

: 32 mm to 150 mm

: 10 to 750 m3/hr

: 8 to 110 meters

: 9 to 110 meters

: Up to 360°C

: 80°C to 180°C

: 16 bar

: Nodular cast Iron GJS-1025

: Chrome steel 1.4021 + OTHRC55

: Nodular cast Iron GJS-1025

: Grey cast iron

: Nodular cast Iron GG-26