Vertical Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump

Designed of KCR and KCRN

  • Vertical structure, the inlet and outlet flanges are on the same level, compact structure, small occupation area, easy installation.
  • The use of assembled mechanical seal, so that the installation and maintenance operation more safe, convenient, and ensure the reliability of the seal.
  • All KCRN type flow components are made of stainless steel (KCR type main flow components are made of stainless steel), which will not pollute the medium and ensure long service life and beautiful appearance.
  • Motor shaft and pump shaft are directly connected through the coupling, with high connection accuracy.
  • Low noise and small vibration.
  • Adopt standardized design with good versatility.


  • Protection grade : IP55
  • Insulation grade : F
  • Standard voltage :
    • 1×220-230/240V 50Hz
    • 3x200V-220/346-380V 50Hz
    • 3x220V-240/380-415V 50Hz
    • 3×380-415V 50Hz
  • Working mode : S1

Operation Range

Rated flow

Flow range application




Standard Materials

: Up to 200 m3/hr

: Up to 242 meters

: Up to 29 bar

: Up to 110 kW

: -20°C to +180°C

: Grey cast iron/SS304