Sugar Industry

The sugar industry is subject to the production, processing and marketing of sugar. Worldwide, most sugar is extracted from sugar cane and beets. Sugar is used for soft drinks. sweet drink Convenience foods, fast food, candies, sweets, baked goods, and other sweet foods. Sugarcane is used to distill rum 

End Suction Pump
ANSI Chemical Process Pump
Pump for Paper & Starch
Teflon Lined Pump
Multistage Pump
Horizontal Split Case Pump
Self-Priming Pump
Low Flow Pump
Solid Plastic Pump

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Single Stage Standard


Single Stage Closed Couple


Two Stage


Conical Type


Engineered Vacuum System

Designed by Engineer for Engineer

Liquid Ring Vacuum System

Our KOP vacuum package are provided as a rigid base frame for easy integration to your process.Water, effluent, power and pollution are all mandatory considered during system designation.Reliability, that define the test of  time, ensures generation of vacuum machine is positioned to suit the most demanding applications.


Single Cartridge

Double Cartridge

Cartridge for Sulzer

Single Component

Double Component

Pusher Type Seal

Non-Pusher Type Seal

Balanced Seal

Unbalanced Seal

Outside Seal